Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 calendar on sale!


In order to raise more funds that would allow us keep making this project possible we have now on sale the sixth edition of our CALENDAR.

Orders can be placed sending an email to or Facebook . We send calendars worldwide and payments can be made through PayPal or bank transfer.

We also need volunteers to help us distribute the calendar. (We can send you 2, 5, 15, 20 or any amount needed and payment can be done once all the calendars are sold).

Regarding the price of the calendar, we know times are difficult for everyone, so we propose various forms of collaboration:

5 euros (or $ 7) - would be the “crisis” price.
8 euros (or $ 10) - is the price which the calendar has been sold other years

And it goes without saying that larger quantities offered are more than welcome (in Nicaragua the needs are many!).

There is really is no need to understand these quantities as "prices", but more as donations from people according to their possibilities and we thank you by sending you a calendar that was developed by volunteers.

Thanks for your attention and, please, let other people know.

Truly grateful.

2011 report

On Sunday, October 23th, at Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, the V edition of our concert Ritmos Solidarios was hold to to put an end to the current school year which finished earlier than usual because of the general elections in Nicaragua.

It has not been an easy year. The needs are many and our teachers have had to work with very few resources. However, despite of the difficulties, their effort has achieved remarkable results. No less remarkable has been the role of the volunteers who helped this year with RelB , teaching music to children and teachers through training workshops in Music Education and Music Therapy which they presented at the II Encuentro Regional de Educadores Musicales ( a meeting for music educators) held in Leon and attended by about 60 participants from throughout Nicaragua.

Another special visit we had in Granada was of a group of students from the organization Actuality Media who made a sensational documentary on RelB, this is the link:

Important news on the other side of the Atlantic are that RELB is now legally registered as an organization, which we hope will open many doors in the future. The nine-member board, composed primarily by former volunteers, is based in Barcelona where for many years, RELB has been developing most of its activity.. During the past few months RelB was present at the Barcelona Cruïlla Festival as well as at La Pegatina concert in Montcada i Reixac doing outreach work and awareness. RELB also organized the IV Jornadas Nicas in Cornellà and a concert at the Sala Apolo with Metabolé and Remendaos groups. We thank these groups for their selfless participation and to all who helped in any of the above activities.

Thanks also to schools, shops and individuals who contributed to the campaign "300 fautas x Nicaragua", especially to music stores Bon So from Rubí and Audenis from Barcelona for their large donation of instruments. In the end we received about a hundred recorders plus several guitars and flamenco cajones among other percussion instruments. In total about 80 kilos of material will bel sent to Nicaragua soon through Fundación SEUR.

And of course, also thank you very much Mauren Antkowski for her photos on the 2011 calendar as well as to all who helped by buying one. In total, we sold about 600 which along with several donations, came out to about $7000.

We also highlight the contribution of the Orquestra de Cámara de Siero (Asturias) which sponsors music lessons for a group of blind children, Hotel Con Corazón, a Dutch Foundation which sponsors music classes in two other schools, and, of course, Building New Hope who helps us to find donations in the United States.

Before closing we should clarify that, due various reasons, in the end it was not possible to organize the concert in Barcelona with the Nicaraguan singer Katia Cardenal but we are still in touch with the foundation that would produce the concert, Mango Mundo, who has worked with us at other times and with whom we have future projects.

Thanks for your attention and best regards.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2011 calendar on sale!



It has been another great year for “Ritmo en los barrios”. The following are the highlights:

-The organization of the I Regional Meeting for Music Educators in which we were able to sponsor more than 80 teachers coming from all over Nicaragua to receive musical training for three days.

-The addition of 3 more schools in our project including a Special Education one where we are working with a group of blind kids.

-The visit of “Orquesta de Camara de Siero (Asturias, Spain) which consists of 35 musicians who made a donation of instruments and delighted the children with educational concerts in the schools

-The visit of many more talented volunteers who helped us in Nicaragua as well as when they got back home were they organize concerts, exibitions, etc to promote the project.

-The incorporation of a new teacher to our team thanks to whom we can now offer permanent violin lessons.

-The participation in a meeting in Córdoba (Spain) with other organizations from all over the world with the same goals than ours.

-The celebration of the IV Ritmos Solidarios concert were nearly 100 kids offered their music in benefit of those affected by the floods in Malacatoya.

In order to raise more funds that would allow us keep making this project possible we have now on sale the fifth edition of our CALENDAR which has a suggested price of €8, £8 or $10 (100 córdobas in Nicaragua).

Orders can be placed sending an email to and paid through PayPal or bank transfer.

We also need volunteers to help us distribute the calendar

Thanks for your attention and, please, forward this message to other people that might be interested.

Truly grateful.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

great news!

The second semester of the Nicaraguan school year started last month and along with it came many good new that we would like to share with our friends and collaborators.

-For the fourth consecutive year our benefit calendar sales was a success. Nearly 600sold and $7200 collected. Thank you very much to all of you for contributing with the cause especially to Marta Moreno for donating her photos, time and for doing a great job in creating the calendar! (For more info here).

-A few weeks ago we were visited by the “Orquesta de Camara de Siero (Asturias, Spain) which consists of 35 musicians who made a donation of instruments and delighted the children with educational concerts in the schools. (For more info and photos here)

-With the incorporation of a new teacher to our team we can now offer permanent violin lessons in our project. (For more info and photos here)

-In July we organized with MELB, the I Regional Meeting for Music Educators in which, thanks to several donations, including $ 400 from Nova Fraser and $100 from Janice Gallagher, we were able to sponsor more than 80 teachers coming from throughout Nicaragua to receive musical training for three days. (For more info and photos here)

-We started the year with a 12-hour festival in Argentona (Barcelona) were 7000 Euros were collected, money that was distributed amongst Ritmo en los Barrios and other organization in Peru! (For more info and photos here)

-Our close friends and Ritmo en los Barrios collaborators Angelina and Josep who were married on June 12 in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona) donated the 9000 Euros given to them by friends and family to three charitable causes: Doctors Without Borders, Fundació Josep Carreras and Rhythms in the Barrios. (For more info and photos here)

-Ritmo en los Barrios has been invited to participate in the V Conference on Culture and Development to be held in Cordoba (Spain) 23 and 24 September. These conferences, organized by CIC Bata, will revolve around music for human and environment development. Organizations from Brazil, Senegal, Cuba, Spain, Morocco, Colombia, Mexico and Nicaragua will be participating. (For more info here)

-Thanks to an agreement with the Foundation “Hotel con Corazon “, we can now offer classes in two more schools, which brings us to a total of 11 school, where more than 900 children receive music as they are now funding a teacher’s salary and purchasing more instruments. (For more info and photos here)

Thank you very much to all who make this possible!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


For the third year we are celebrating RITMOS SOLIDARIOS, a charitable concert that brings together children from all the schools to show a bit of the work done throughout the school year.

In addition to providing the students with the possibility to show their art in front of an audience through this event we pretend to obtain funds to continue working another year in this project.

For this occasion we are going to count with the collaboration of a very special guest: CARLOS MEJIA GODOY Y LOS DE PALACAGUINA.!!!!

Carlos Mejia Godoy is one of the most important Latin American songwriters; his songs are authentic hymns in Nicaragua. Without a doubt, it is a big honor for us his generous collaboration and the children are more than excited to share the stage with a musician of his stature.! Have a look at this video, one of his most emblematic songs: "Nicaragua, Nicaraguita".

The concert will be on November 8th at 4 pm at Casa de los Tres Mundos and the entrance has a symbolic price of 30 cordobas (+ what everyone wants to contribute).

Those who cannot attend will be able to see it live on line and can still collaborate by buying the fourth edition of the Rhythm in the Barrios CALENDAR which has a suggested price of 8 Euros or $ 10 (each can contribute what they feel is right, last year we sold over 800 and the minimum paid for one was $ 2.50 and the maximum 100 Euros!).

Orders can be done through Facebook or sending an email to

We ship worldwide. After receiving the calendar, you can pay through Building New Hope's site or making a payment to an account that will be provided.

Again we are asking for you collaboration to help distribute calendars! (We can send 2, 5, 15, 50, or the amount needed and can be paid once they are sold).

We'll be looking fowards to hear from you!


Carlos Mejía Godoy

Friday, September 4, 2009

unity is strenght

The sale of the Third Edition of the Rhythm in the Barrios’calendar has been a total success with over 800 calendars sold and $8,000 made! This amount allows us to continue another year helping improve the education and quality of life of so many children through music. The calendars had a suggested price of $10, but everyone helped with what they could, the minimum that was paid for a calendar was $2.50 and the maximum $130. The money was used to buy instruments, diverse materials used in classes, our teachers’ salaries and organizing training sessions.

School’s first semester in Nicaragua ended in July, and even though we found ourselves going through changes this year with a new coordinator in charge of the project things are going well in the 9 schools we work in we are happy to deliver good news from Rhythm in the Barrios. The most important one is that even though the majority of the help we receive is foreign, now in Nicaragua the project is being run by NICARAGUANS!

The entire semester has been full of frantic activities with a lot of training sessions (by our volunteers), children concerts in all the schools’ activities, an appearance on national television, lots of volunteers, initiation of rehearsal and fund raising for the III edition of RITMOS SOLIDARIOS concert which will take place at the end of the school year. The whole team is doing a great job: Oscar who is fulfilling his job as coordinator wonderfully as well as the other 6 Nicaraguan teachers (Milton, Juan, Josué, Marianne, Alexander and Jose), along with volunteers from several countries that have been supporting the project with their time: (Quelo, Deiene, Laura, Marta, Sergi, Bruce, Emely, Cristina, Ute-Maria and Sarah). A special mention for Quelo who by the time the school year ends will have been in Nicaragua over a year and who is doing an impressive job teaching in several schools, training teachers, coordinating new volunteers, and organizing RITMOS SOLIDARIOS III. In the next couple of weeks we are expecting Lenya and Belen to arrive.

Other great news is the release of Global Lingo CD containing one of our songs “EL TIBURON DEL LAGO COCIBOLCA”. See the details here.

On a sadder side is the passing away of Jim Wenzell who through “Connecticut Quest for Peace” worked tirelessly to send us from the United States a great deal of instruments. It’s definitely because of people like him that we have been able to do our job through the years. We are immensely grateful to him.

No less important for us are the people that donated one instrument insignificant as it may have seemed. The collection organized in Barcelona was also very successful and the instruments that arrived this month in Nicaragua were received with excitement from the children.

Rhythm in The Barrios is a clear example of how "unity is strength". During these years we have received several important donations but nowhere close to the amount of smaller donations that have helped us move forward. We are not only referring to the 800 people that bought the calendar but also to the people that helped us make it, and of course those who help us distribute it as well as the people that in the past 6 years have donated instruments, assisted to fund raising concerts, bought previous editions of the calendar and helped in any other way.

To all of you, thank you and big hugs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

global lingo

Project Ahimsa, a global effort to empower youth through music, released its first album today on iTunes. The album contains "El tiburón del Lago Cocibolca" played by the children of "Rhythm in the barrios".

See the pictures of our children at the recording studio last year.

What is Global Lingo?

Global Lingo is an innovative benefit album that is uniting real "Slumdog Musicaires" from around the world to join forces with other artists and activists to create an album that speaks the universal language of music. Unlike many other "benefit" albums, Global Lingo is an album MADE by beneficiaries using talents and skills cultivated in supported programs.

Renowned musicians such as Michael Franti and Spearhead (San Francisco), Karsh Kale (UK), J-Boogie (San Francisco), Funkadesi (Chicago), Tablapusher (San Francisco), DK (NYC), Sunny Jain (San Francisco), and Janaka Selecta (LA) have donated or joined forces with our sponsored programs such as Youth Movement Records in Oakland, California (USA), Manav Sadhna in Gujarat (India) and Ritmo en los Barrios in Granada (Nicaragua), and beyond to record and remix original tracks for the Global Lingo CD project; a musical celebration of diversity, delivering funky rhythms of reggae, bhangra, hip hop and electronica in a mix-tastic compilation album.

What is Project Ahimsa?

Project Ahimsa is a global effort to empower youth through music. This mission is fulfilled through producing events, supporting youth music educators, donating musical instruments, and developing innovative cultural arts programming. To date, Project Ahimsa has raised funds for these efforts impacting more than 10,000 children in underserved areas worldwide.